Provide a Scholarship

Give a child an education.

Your $1,000 gift will be granted to a specific child.

A photo will be sent to you of a child at the beginning of the school year. You will get to celebrate at the end of each school year through a video of them sharing their school year achievements.

Consider talking to your friends, family, or small group about providing a scholarship for a child together.

The tuition for a child is over $1,000 each year. A sponsorship contributes $480 to this cost. The remainder comes from foundation scholarships that must be raised. Sponsors can consider an additional gift of $500 for the foundation scholarship toward their child’s tuition.

Contact us here if you have any questions!

Clicking here will take you to a web form for setting up the scholarship donation.

1. Enter or create a login and password.

2. Select fund “Nuevos Amigos School”.

3. Indicate FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP in the optional memo box. (If you are providing a scholarship for your sponsored child, please add child code.)

Problems logging in or questions about online donations? Contact Tracy Preston at [email protected].