About Us

Over ten years ago, missionaries Tom and Shirley Brinkley started a daycare in the community on the grounds of the San Pablo Apostal church. Today Nuevos Amigos Foundation operates Rey Sabio Salomón, a Christian school in Quito, Ecuador.

The School

The school provides a fully-accredited education for children ages 4 – 13 years old. Professional teachers and staff help children face many challenges including the family violence and substance abuse that is pervasive in their community. The school focuses on technology, English, critical thinking, discipleship and servant leadership. Parent workshops, as well as child and family counseling, are important additional services that the foundation offers to ensure the holistic development of each child.

The Community

Nuevos Amigos is located on a mountainside on the north-central edge of Quito, Ecuador in a neighborhood approximately 18.5 square miles in size, called La Comuna de Santa Clara de “San Millán.”Although the community is nearly 100 years old, only 30% of homes have access to drinking water and the sewage system. The average monthly income is $150 per household; there is 30% unemployment and 45% underemployment. Excessive alcoholism, drug sales, and therefore unsafe streets, are the most serious problems that the 12,000 residents suffer daily. Drinking has been a daily lifestyle, but drug sales are an increasing issue. Dealers can be found on most main streets. The community is ranked second-highest nationally in sales of psychotropic and narcotic substances. Youth issues include teenage pregnancy and venereal disease, as well as gang activity. Children are often abandoned while others are locked in their homes to be kept safe.

Educational Excellence and Family Focus

Through five focus areas, we hope to bring a greater opportunity to our children so that they can overcome the challenges that they face in their community. Those areas are: – Discipleship – Critical thinking – Technology – English – Servant leadership We believe that strengthening the home environment is critical for our children’s emotional health. Our partnership with San Pablo Apostal church helps us to provide continued spiritual development for our staff and bible school for our children. We require our parents to pay a portion of the cost of tuition for their children. This is critical to ensure that they, too, value the school and its staff. Our caring, professional staff works to develop the full potential of each child. We invite you consider linking arms with us today. Check out ways to help or trips and visits for details.